Water Sports & Excursions

Non-motorized Water Sports

On the water all your muscles are active. Whether kayaking, stand-up paddling, windsurfing or sailing with a catamaran. You will feel the energy of your body, the movement of the sea and the power of the wind.

Kayak Trip

Take to a kayak and cut through mirror still azure waters, exploring the lagoon around with a view from the waterline.

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has been stealing the watersports show and not without reason. This fun, relaxing way to take to the water is a peaceful way for the whole family to enjoy Maldivian waters.


A choice of sail sizes are suitable for all levels from beginners up to seasoned pros, catch the wind and take to the waves.

Catamaran Sailing

You won’t find a more beautiful setting for sailing, so why not explore the crystalline waters and sandy lagoons Catamaran Sailing by catamaran.

Motorized Water Sports

Water skiing and jet skiing – the ideal combination of glamour and action. We have a wide range of motorised water sports for glamour, action and that special adrenalin kick. Here you can shoot up into the air with an X-Jet Blade, go out on a speedboat tour with Captain or simply cut a stylish figure while you water ski. Whatever you do – it’s tremendous fun!

Here you can find all the activities and get all the important information about the activities and the prices by inquiry.

Jet Ski

Explore more of the atoll surrounding by escorted Jet ski tour. One of our experienced instructors will be on hand to help you familiarize yourself with the controls on a test drive, and then you’re free to hit the water alone.


Nothing matches the thrill of hydro flight. Our water propelled jet blade elevates aquatic adventurers several feet above the sea’s surface over the course of a heart pumping 15-minute flight. This is an ultimate adventure

Speedboat with Captain

Enter the world of powerboat adventures and board our speedboat for a truly exciting adventure. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you snorkel over crustal clear reefs, seek out dolphins and turtles or simply bask in the sun and indulge in the fresh ocean breeze.


For the more adventurous snorkeler, the Seabob allows you to glide underwater at high speed. This underwater scooter gives you a dolphin’s perspective on life beneath the waves, and can be used either when snorkeling or diving. Travel further faster and see more of the reef and the amazing underwater life from another point of view.

Banana & Tube Rides

If you’re seeking a thrill, offers a plethora of inflatables suited to speedboat tugging, offering both exhilaration and fun for all that participate.

Surf´s Up

This offer is good for intermediate and experts and definitely an experience you do not want to miss. Grab your surf board and gear up for an epic ride.


Parasail up into the air and fly over the crystal clear sea. Discover Maldives and the beautiful view of the Atolls from a completely new perspective from the Sky.


Maldive culture

With our Team you can always be sure of adventures both large and small – wherever our team takes you in Atolls. These are special tours not only on and under the water, but also ashore. A visit to a local village, for example, where you will get to know the everyday life and culture of the people of the Maldives. To capture your experiences in photo and film we rent out GoPro and video cameras.

Snorkelling Trips

Go on a discovery tour with our experienced snorkel guides and immerse yourself in the breath-taking underwater world of the Maldives.

Marine Biology Trips

Our resident Marine Biologist offers unsurpassable insight into the incredible Biosphere Reserve is located. Our guests can learn about the ocean, pursue an adventure, experience the coral reef and participate in ongoing research to personally make a difference to our fragile environment.

Fishing Trips

For centuries, the Maldivians have lived and breathed as one with the ocean, depending on it for survival and sustenance. Our fishing excursions harness local knowledge and customs for a traditional Maldivian experience. Maldivians have perfected the technique of hand line fishing, and there’s no fresher catch of the day.


Life under water is more touchy-feely than you might think. Did you know that fish can hum, whistle, rumble, chirp, squeak, purr and grunt? That a shark’s sense of smell is about ten thousand times sharper than that of a human being? That dorados, as marine biologists found out, develop an increased appetite when they listen to music by Mozart? That rays enjoy being touched? During our trips you will not only get to see a lot, but also learn a great deal about the underwater world. Baa Atoll is the world’s greatest hotspot for manta rays. From May to November dozens of them come to Hanifaru Bay,. And those who dive with them will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.


There is nothing more quintessentially Maldivian than a day spent lapping up island life, whether you’re seeking solitude, the company of your loved ones or a chance to absorb some local culture. Our carefully selected Maldivian Experiences are curated beguiling Biosphere Reserve surrounds in mind.